Volunteer Opportunities

Criminal Background Check

In an effort to maintain safety for our students and staff, Kaufman ISD requires all individuals who will be a volunteer or serve as a field trip chaperone to submit to an authorization to conduct a criminal history check annually. In order to gain approval, individuals must complete the online form which can be accessed by clicking the link shown below.

Kaufman ISD has practices in place to keep any information submitted through the form or obtained through the criminal history check secure/confidential. Participants will not be notified unless a criminal history is indicated when the background check is completed. Those applying for approval may check with a campus office to determine if their participation has been cleared/approved.

Individuals should allow a minimum of 5 business days for processing. Please complete the form carefully and completely as errors or omissions will cause delays in processing.

Questions regarding criminal history checks for volunteers, guests and participants, should be directed to Clifford Krieger, Chief of Police at 972-932-8789 or ckrieger@kaufman-isd.net.

Criminal Background Check Form



Campus Visitors

For the sake of student safety, School Board Policy requires the screening of ALL individuals that come in contact with our students. Parents attending on campus events or lunch must be cleared using the RAPTOR system located in each school office. A valid driver's license or other government issued ID is required.

For parents that do not possess a valid government issued identification that is compatible with the RAPTOR system, KISD offers the opportunity to obtain a parent identification card that will permit the parent to visit campus. One can be obtained by completing the Criminal History Authorization form above and selecting the option for parent identification card, or by going to the KISD Technology department, located at the KISD service center, located at 5026 CR 151. For additional assistance, including assistance in Spanish, please contact Maria Salazar at 972-932-0655.

Parents on Field Trips

Parents wishing to attend their child’s field trip, whether the event is held on KISD property or at an off-site location, will need to obtain a visitor pass from the campus office on the day of the event. All family members accompanying a student must be cleared using the RAPTOR system located in each school office. A valid driver's license or other government issued ID is required. If you have been requested by your child’s teacher to serve in a capacity as a chaperone, you will need to complete the criminal background check process prior to serving as a chaperone.

Visitor Removal

The District expects that parents and other visitors will comply with appropriate standards of conduct when visiting school property. Accordingly, a school administrator or school district peace officer may refuse to allow a person to enter or may eject a person from any property under the control of the school district if the person refuses to leave peaceably upon request and 1) the person poses a substantial risk of harm to themselves or others or 2) is behaving in a way that is inappropriate for a school setting. Before school personnel will remove individuals from District property for persisting in behavior that is inappropriate for a school setting, the school employee will issue a verbal warning that the behavior is inappropriate and could lead to the person’s removal. Any person removed from District property may appeal such removal under Board policy FNG (Local) or (GF) (Local). The term of a person’s removal cannot exceed two years.