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Rebecca Keisling
KISD Head Choir Director
About Miss Keisling
               Miss Becky Keisling is the Kaufman ISD Head Choir Director, where she currently teachers all choir class as Kaufman High School and teaches or assists with choir classes at O.P. Norman Junior High School. Prior to arriving in Kaufman, Miss Keisling was a band director in east Texas for the past ten years. During that time, she and her band students achieved numerous first division ratings at UIL Marching, Solo and Ensemble, and Concert and Sight-reading competitions.
               She has shifted her talents from the band world to the choir and theatre world, where she currently has thirteen choir students who have achieved status in the All-Region choirs. Four of those students have advanced to the Pre-Area competition on the road to the All-State choir. Miss Keisling has also enjoyed assisting in teaching music for the Kaufman Theatre Company. Miss Keisling currently lives in Kaufman with her son, and enjoys going to the zoos, aquariums, and anywhere else they an get out and see nature. 

Kaufman Choir Handbook

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Kaufman ISD Choir

The choir program at Kaufman ISD is fairly new and growing.  
The students are learning that being in choir is a great way to earn their fine arts credit.  
We strive to enjoy singing and become skilled musicians.  
It is a place to call home.  






Choral Opportunities and Descriptions

It is the desire of the Kaufman Choir program to provide the utmost benefit to each individual student’s musical learning experience.  To achieve this goal, students will be placed in one of the following choir classes according to their grade level or their talent:

Beginner Choir
All sixth grade students will be placed into this choir.  This is the fundamental foundation of our choir experience, and the class where the most basic methods, rhythms, and techniques will be taught on a level that each student will feel successful with.

Junior High Choir
All seventh and eighth grade students will be placed into this choir.  It is during this class that we will focus on taking the basic music fundamentals learned in sixth grade and bridging them to the more complicated fundamentals learned in the high school choirs.  

Chamber Ensemble
Most ninth grade students will be placed into this class.  This will be the class where we take the basic and intermediate fundamentals learned in the beginner and junior high choirs, and begin to intertwine them with the more advanced fundamentals taught in the junior varsity and varsity choirs.

Junior Varsity Choir
Most tenth graders and a select few ninth graders will be placed into this class.  This class will delve into the more advanced musical concepts and provide more opportunities for individual and group development of students’ singing voices.

Varsity Choir
Eleventh and twelfth grade students who have had choral experience will be placed into this class.  It is during this class that we will fully involve ourselves in the most advanced musical techniques, rhythms, and developments.

Show Choir
This class is reserved for the most advanced singers.  This class will provide many more opportunities for a student to involve themselves in the most complex musical techniques and concepts.  All students enrolled in this class must concurrently be enrolled in one other choir class, and must audition for the All-Region choir.

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