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Beginner Band Information

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Beginner Band 
Beginner Band is an elite and prestigious group of students in 6th grade that performs special concerts and trains students for future involvement in the award winning and world traveling Kaufman Band. We look forward to this exciting year as these 6th students get to experience the joy of instrumental music!

 Beginner Band Students at Sound Post Music Festival & Splash Kingdom Water Park

6th grade band

How Do I Join Band?
5th grade students have an opportunity to take a Selmer Music Guidance Survey, listen to a band concert, and turn in a form stating their interest in joining band. These students will then meet with a band director to be placed on an instrument that will be successful for them. Once this process is completed, a letter is sent home stating what instrument your child will play, along with information about the Horn Drive.

If your child has not yet signed up for band, we still have a few spots available! Please attend either Horn Drive listed below or contact Mrs. Danielle Roberts at to get signed up. It is VERY important that your child chooses band as his/her elective. Please note that band is a full-year course, rather than a single-semester course.

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 What's Next?

If you have already been to an interview and have been assigned an instrument by a director, then simply click on this link for the letter that was sent home. 
 We will have two horn drives taking place at the JH Band Hall. These are hosted by Ellis County Music and McKay Music. Award Music in Terrell (right behind Brahms) also has some rental/purchase deals on instruments.  You can go by there from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday - Saturday, or visit their website at
Other music stores have similar plans, just make sure you show them our instrument requirements when discussing the rental or purchase of an instrument.
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 * * 2017-18 Instrument Drives * * *

Thursday, May 25
5:00 - 7:30 PM
Nash Band Hall
Thursday, August 31
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Nash Band Hall


Musical Food for Thought:  

  • 30% of young people in the U.S. Take Music Lessons.  
  • 70% of Adults Wish they had.  


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