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Enrollment and Fees

ALL KISD employees will have the opportunity to participate in the employee wellness program by enrolling at any time during the year. A $5 monthly membership fee will be payroll deducted and will include the following:

  • Consultations with a certified personal trainer
  • Basic nutrition assessments and recommendations
  • Health tips and access to health and fitness information
  • Participation in exercise classes/groups
  • Various health challenges throughout the year
  • Lifestyle presentations by health professionals
  • Incentives for fitness and health-related activities throughout the year
  • Health screenings will also be offered, but may incur an additional cost.
  • Family and friends of employees are welcome to participate for a fee. Fees will be determined according to the event.

The payroll deduction will begin the following pay cycle upon enrollment. In the event you wish to withdraw your membership, a Change Notice form must be submitted. Contact Rhonda Carter for more information.

Program Calendar

Activities will be scheduled around the school calendar. The only activities held during the summer will be exercise classes. This is subject to change.


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