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Head Boys Coach - Denver Stone

Head Girls Coach - Kristal Harris

The Boys Cross Country team competed at the UIL state championship meet on Saturday, Nov. 3. We are proud to say that the boys represented Kaufman very well, by placing 6th out of the 16 team field. They had their best team average on the season and the best team average in Kaufman history of 16:16. We also had one All State 5A runner in Christian Rivera with his 10th place finish. We are extremely proud of the way the boys competed against the best 16 teams in class 5A. Thank you to everyone who has supported the cross country teams all season long!

Coach Denver Stone

The following statistics, compiled by Coach Denver Stone, are a history of the winning tradition for the Kaufman Cross Country teams.

Girls Tradition

District Champions-9

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Regional Championships-4

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

State Qualifying Teams








All State Girls

2008-Nicole Hudgens

2010-Joeanna Kilgore

2012-Angela Dees

2016-Jasmin Venegas

Boys Tradition

District Champions-11

2001, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Regional Championships-3

2011, 2013, 2014

State Qualifying Teams











State Championships-1


All State Boys

2002-Kevin Brown

2009-German Lopez

2010-Dylon Lowe

2010-German Lopez

2011-German Lopez

2012-Edwin Munoz

2013-Dylan Evans

2016-Christian Rivera


Cross Country results

The Kaufman Lions Cross Country teams were victorious at the Run with the Lions meet hosted by Kaufman on Saturday, Sept. 2. Congratulations to our coaches and athletes!

Please click here for the results.


The cross country teams ran at the Greenhill 6 Mile Relay on Saturday, August 26. This is not a normal cross country format, where we had teams of 4 runners running 1.5 miles each to cover the 6 miles. In the varsity girls division we had two teams, both placing 2nd and 10th respectively out of 33 teams. In the varsity boys division we also had two teams, both placing 3rd and 13th out of 43 teams. The cross country teams host the Run With The Lions meet this Saturday, September 2nd. The first race is at 8:00 a.m.

Girls: Elle Galan, Amanda Rodriguez, Alondra Campa, Taylor Sandberg

Boys: Noah McBride, Christian Rivera, Jayson Tucker, Spencer Keith

Cross Country results:

Varsity Boys #1Time Varsity Girls #1Time
Spencer Keith7:38 Elle Galan8:50
Noah McBride7:48 Alondra Campa9:34
Jayson Tucker8:00 Amanda Rodriguez9:44
Christian Rivera7:27 Taylor Sandberg9:26
Total Time30:57 Total Time37:36
Team Place3 Team Place2
Total Teams43 Total Teams33
Varsity Boys #2Time Varsity Girls #2Time
Edwin Olvera8:15 Aleisha Ford10:03
Marshall Pate8:08 Stephanie Torres8:57
Carlos Sanchez8:33 Maiya Rodriguez11:18
Brandon Tousignant8:42 Leslie Gonzalez10:09
Total Time33:27 Total Time40:51
Team Place13 Team Place10
Total Teams43 Total Teams33
JV Boys #1Time JV Girls #1Time
Patrick Mitchell8:58 Priscilla Sanchez10:38
Jeb Williamson8:50 Marizit Puente10:58
Noah Nerio9:33 Jaira Garcia10:49
Ivan Flores8:58 Hayley Tucker10:10
Total Time36:20 Total Time42:39
Team Place20 Team Place10
Total Teams104 Total Teams80
JV Boys #2Time JV Girls #2Time
Skyler Marcellus10:13 Paloma Leos11:03
Preston Smith10:32 Calie Treadaway11:17
Paul Baracichi-Shelton11:07 Kairi Oliver11:08
Brian James10:06 Bianca Antuna11:02
Total Time41:58 Total Time44:23
Team Place81 Team Place24
Total Teams104 Total Teams80
JV Boys #3Time JV Girls #3Time
Adan Guiterrez8:45 Hannah Flynn11:04
Griffin Keith10:09 Alexiss Renteria10:25
Brayson Gomez10:05 Molly Burleson12:01
Edwin Rivera10:19 Angela Ritter12:02
Total Time39:50 Total Time45:33
Team Place60 Team Place34
Total Teams104 Total Teams80
JV Girls #4Time
Katarina Cunningham12:24
Olivia Burrows12:14
Michelle Kistler13:27
Denise Saucedo13:07
Total Time51:15
Team Place66


The cross country teams competed Thursday, Aug. 17, at the Birdville Flyin' Hawks Invitational. This was a really large cross country meet with 30 plus schools competing from 6A down and all in the same race. Below are the results. It was a great start to our season. We compete next Saturday in the Greenhill School 6 Mile Relay.

Varsity GirlsPlaceTime Varsity BoysPlaceTime
Alondra Campa2014:11 Christian Rivera511:28
Elle Galan2114:13 Spencer Keith711:32
Taylor Sandberg2514:22 Noah McBride2211:52
Amanda Rodriguez4814:55 Marshall Pate3812:08
Maiya Rodriguez8415:45 Jayson Tucker5112:18
Leslie Gonzalez8815:49 Carlos Sanchez8412:49
Total Runners207 Jeb Williamson13814:06
Total Teams29 Total Runners276
Team Place7th Total Teams33
Team Place2nd
JV GirlsPlaceTime JV BoysPlaceTime
Stephanie Torres615:07 Edwin Olvera1512:38
Alsiha Ford1115:20 Brandon Tousignant3113:13
Hayley Tucker1615:36 Patrick Mitchell4513:32
Marizit Puente3116:06 Ivan Flores5613:46
Jaira Garcia3516:15 Skyler Marcellus17016:02
Paloma Leos4916:41 Noah Yeldell19016:38
Calie Treadaway5616:52 Noah Nerio22618:13
Kairi Oliver7217:15 Total Runners273
Bianca Antuna8317:29 Total Teams35
Hannah Flynn9117:35 Team Place8th
Katarina Cunningham11818:22
Angela Ritter12018:25
Olivia Burrows16019:17
Michelle Kistler16119:19
Total Runners259
Total Teams35
Team Place3rd

Cross Country & Girls' Track Head Coach - Denver Stone

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