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"In the Loop" 

           by  Dr. Lori Blaylock






November 2014

On the steps of St. John’s Church, Patrick Henry urged the state of Virginia to join the Revolutionary War. He ended with a famous phrase that even now symbolizes the heart of a patriot - “Give me liberty or give me death!” The patriotism expressed by these few word has echoed throughout American history. It whispered in the breeze when James Bowie and William Travis faced certain death at the Alamo rather than surrender to the Mexican General. It spoke to generations of men that endured horrific overseas battles during two world wars. It awoke with a shout on September 11, 2001, as firefighters, medical workers, and ordinary people risked everything for the sake of their fellow citizens.  

Patriots vigorously support their country, their state, and their community and are prepared, if need be, to defend it. Fortunately, most of us have never known the horrors of war or had to choose between our life and that of a stranger. to demonstrate our patriotism. It can be humbling to realize that the only way we can demonstrate our patriotism is through small, safe acts of service like voting.

Last week, the citizens of Kaufman ISD voted FOR the proposed school bond package. Many voted during the early voting period. Others braved the cold and rain to cast their vote on Election Day. Regardless of the timing, I would like to thank each person who voted. Thank you for supporting the school bond election – your vote is important and your support is priceless. Thank you for voting against the school bond election – your vote is important and motivates us to try harder to become a school system that you can support. Thank you - Jeff Jordan, Ray Raymond, Jim Thompson, Brent Gentzel, and Wendy Thomas - for devoting your time, talents, and resources to this election.

 Finally, thank you Kaufman, for reminding our students how blessed they are to be part of a community that honors its veterans, defends its values, and cherishes its children. Not everyone lives in a democracy and not everyone dwells among patriots. But Kaufman ISD does…and for that we are truly grateful.  

Dr. Lori Blaylock

Posted by Angela Corder on Monday November, 10, 2014 at 09:47AM

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