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Parent/Student Resources

Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary for core subject areas has been posted on the KISD website under Curriculum.

This is the link: http://www.kaufmanisd.net/page.cfm?p=867

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Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule

Pre-K and Head Start - 7:50-3:00

Kindergarten - 7:50-3:25

Tardy Bell 8:00

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Family Reading

Your child will be reading and writing this school year, we want to ensure that both home and school are places where your child can learn and grow. Check here periodically for helpful activities you can do with your child to support the reading and writing that they are learning at school.

Children this age like to talk, listen to stories, sing, and act out dramas. They like to dress up, pretend, and play games. All these activities help them practice the language skills they need in school. Here is a list of reading and language skills students learn:

Listening and Speaking

  • follow simple directions (such as where to put the toys)
  • listen to stories read aloud and retell stories
  • understand words naming numbers, colors, shapes, and directions
  • ask meaningful questions and take part in conversations
  • develop phonemic awareness (a child's awareness of the sounds in words) by identifying words that rhyme (sat and mat) and playing rhyming games

Identifying and Knowing About Words

  • name each letter of the alphabet
  • understand that words are made of letters that represent sounds (b stands for the sound at the beginning of bat and bug)
  • read words by using their knowledge of phonics (the study of how letters stand for sounds) to connect letters to sounds
  • read high frequency words (one that appears often, such as see, the, and, and to) by sight

Reading Many Kinds of Literature

  • become familiar with a variety of reading materials, such as stories, poems, and nonfiction
  • know that print is read from top to bottom and from left to right

Responding to Reading

  • join in or read along when familiar books are read aloud
  • retell or act out the order of events in a story
  • draw their own conclusions about a story (for example, tell why the fox ran away)


  • print letters of the alphabet, both capital (A) and lowercase (a)
  • write simple messages

Listed below are some suggestions for developing a reading routine with your child. Establishing a routine will help your child become a better reader.

  • Daily Reading Routines
  • Preparing for a Test
  • Reviewing Schoolwork
  • Technology at Home
  • Using the Library
  • Family Times Newsletter
  • Supporting your child at School
  • Reading at home

Routine 1

Some of the most natural and successful preparations can come about as you do normal daily activities together. The following suggestions offer ways to focus on reading skills during your daily routines.

  • Make a Grocery List Together

As you make your grocery list, sort the items by type: meat, dairy, produce, canned goods, and so on. Have your child help you decide what item goes under each category. This helps your child with the reading skill of classifying.

  • Letters Around the House

As you prepare a meal, ask your child what letters he or she is learning in school. Help your child identify letters on the packaging of the ingredients for the meal.

  • List Steps in a Task

As you clean the floor, whether you vacuum, sweep, or mop, ask your child if he or she can tell you what you need to do first. Guide your child in sequencing the steps. Sequencing is an important reading skill.

  • Words in the World

As you travel to different places by car, bicycle or, on foot, point out familiar signs and symbols as well as the words that they represent on stores or other businesses. Have your kindergartner tell you how she or he knows these words.

  • Sort Laundry

As you sort laundry, invite your child to help you sort darks from lights. This will give your child practice in classifying.

Routine 2

Students may be taking test for the first time this year. You can help make test-taking a relaxed and positive experience by preparing your child at home. The following suggestions may offer ways to help your child approach test-taking with confidence.

  • Explain What Test Do

Talk with your child about why the teacher gives a test. Explain to your child that the test lets everyone know how well they are doing. It gives the teacher a chance to decide what reading materials are the best for each child.

  • Listen to Directions

Start off with a simple game of Simon Says. (A leader gives commands. The players follow the command only if the commands started with the words, “Simon says.”) Explain that when the teacher gives directions, everyone must listen carefully. Tell your child to raise a hand if he or she doesn’t understand the directions or needs help.

  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Explain to your child that a good night’s sleep will help him or her feel rested and ready for tomorrow’s work. Make going to bed at a reasonable hour a routine. Most five-year-olds still need eleven hours of sleep each night. Help your child bathe, brush teeth, and clear the bed. Then after your child is under the covers, a bedtime story may help him or her fall asleep.

  • Serve a Nutritious Breakfast

Oatmeal, dry cereal, or toast; fruit or fruit juice; and milk are good choices for a healthy breakfast. After a long night’s sleep, the body is ready for refueling to start the day.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Help Kaufman ISD recognize October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)

This year's theme is Our Shared Responsibility.


    What can I do to help educate myself, my students, my family and my community about cybersafety?


    Learn how to protect yourself and your family online by visiting

    NCSAM 2013 will focus on a different critical cybersecurity issue each week in October:

    • Week One: Stop.Think.Connect

    • Week Two: Being Mobile: Online Safety & Security

    • Week Three: Cyber Education and the Next Generation of Cyber Leaders

    • Week Four: Cybercrime

    • Week Five: Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure

      Thank you for helping recognize National Cyber Security Awareness Month!!

      Online Textbook Information

      Safe School Helpline

      Safe School Helpline

      The Safe School Helpline is a 24-hour service that empowers students, parents and community members to report unsafe, at-risk situations without identifying themselves1-800-418-6423, extension 359

      School Messenger - District Wide Notification System

      School Messenger

      Kaufman ISD participates in an alert system called School Messenger for emergency communications using electronic media computers and cell phones as the communication tools. This system allows the District to communicate its emergencies like weather closings to subscribers directly to their home computers or personal cell phones.

      Text the word, subscribe, to 68453.

      (Please note that while we are excited to offer a text messaging option, the district does not pay for any text message fees you may be charged by your cellular provider.)

      Click here for more details.

      Skyward Family Access for Grades and Attendance

      Family Access to Grades/Attendance:

      All parents/legal guardians needing access to Family Access must have a signed waiver on file with Kaufman ISD. For further assistance on completing Family Access Waivers, please contact Vonda Jones through email: vjones@kaufman-isd.net. Thank you for your patience.

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