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Four Year Olds

Our four year old classroom serves children that have turned four prior to September 1st. In this room children are cheerful, energetic, and enthusiastic. They enjoy planning, and spend a great deal of time discussing who will do what. They especially enjoy dramatic play, usually with other children. They are more sensitive to needs and feelings of others around them. Children continue to have the opportunity to play in our indoor play area, participating in physical education activities that meet their developmental needs such as learning to skip, throwing balls, balancing, jumping, galloping, and playing games such as "Hokey-Pokey" and "Simon Says" to teach left and right. They continue to have the opportunity to play outside under the covered awning riding tricycles and building gross motor muscles. Children also have the opportunity to play on the playgrounds on the Monday Primary campus, providing them with opportunities for larger climbing and sliding surfaces. Teachers utilize our Frog Street Press Pre-K curriculum and work closely with Helen Edwards ECC to keep us aligned with any curriculum and program changes made so that each child at our center is prepared for the transition from an early childhood program into Kindergarten and beyond with the necessary skills to promote self-confidence and readiness to learn with success. In addition to this, teachers also follow the Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines provided by Texas Project FIRST which provide a means to align our program with the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills). Children are taught using themed lessons throughout the year, incorporating math, reading, writing, science, social studies and making learning fun! Teachers work with children in small literacy groups to focus on skills specific to each child. Our goal for the four year olds is for each child to be able to write their name, write/identify (sight & sound) all letters, write numbers 0-10, identify numbers 0-30, identify basic sight words, have the skills to sound out c/v/c words and write c/v/c words, and to ultimately be exceptionally prepared for Kindergarten by the end of the year.

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