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Three Year Olds

Our three year old classroom serves children that have turned three prior to September 1st.  In this room children are very active.  They are able to communicate their needs and wants more effectively, enjoy playing interactively with each other, and have an increasing desire for independence.  Children are drawing, writing, and asking lots of questions.  Children continue to have the opportunity to play in our indoor play area, participating in physical education activities that meet their developmental needs such as balance and coordination.  They also have the opportunity to play outside under the covered awning riding tricycles and building gross motor muscles and playing on our larger playground and rock wall.  Teachers utilize our Frog Street Press Pre-K curriculum, modified for our three year program.  Through this curriculum children are taught using themes throughout the year which offer literacy and math lessons daily.  Lessons are filled with songs, music, hands-on materials and activities, chants, games, make-believe, and stimulation for children's imagination.  Teachers also use Read-Aloud activities to foster oral language and sense of story, building vocabulary.  In addition to this curriculum, teachers use Lakeshore theme boxes to offer more hands-on activities to reinforce the theme lessons being taught and manipulative toys to build fine motor skills and handwriting skills.  Our goal for our three year olds is to be able to write their name, write some letters, identify all letters and numbers (0-10), use scissors appropriately,identify colors and basic shapes by the end of the year.

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