Counseling Center

Destiny Pinkston


Destiny Pinkston - Certified School Counselor
Nash Elementary
1002 S. Houston St., Kaufman, TX 75142
972-932-6415 ext. 4071 972-932-4028 fax

My Counseling Mission Statement

My mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive school counseling services to all Nash students, parents, and staff. I want to design, implement, and facilitate programs that will help all students develop and enhance their academic, social, and personal strengths in order to become responsible and productive citizens. I want to infuse KISD's vision of preparation, purpose, and pride into all aspects of Nash's counseling program and commit myself to helping our students, parents, and staff discover individual uniqueness and their maximum development of human potential. Through skillful preparation of strategic, timely, and personal interventions, I want to customize educational experiences in order to enhance capabilities, close achievement gaps among high and low performing groups, support positive choices, and help all to find their sense of purpose. By working together and achieving all of these things, I, along with all Nash stakeholders, will see not only an upswing in Nash pride, but pride in our district and community increase exponentially.

My Personal Mission Statement

I want to start each day recognizing that I have a choice on how I respond in every situation. I want to honor the relationship and value the person on the other end of every interaction. I want to choose love and grace over all else until it becomes instinctual. I want to guide others in finding their potential and realizing their own power of choice. I want to leave no doubt with the ones closest to me that they truly matter.