About Us


Helen Edwards Early Childhood Center is named after Mrs. Helen Edwards. She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. R.L. McKinney. She attended Thorps Springs Christian College, East Texas University and received her B.S. Degree in Home Economics from North Texas University in 1939. She received her Master of Education Degree from Southern Methodist University in 1950.

Mrs. Edwards taught 5th and 6th grade and Home Economics in Ola Rural School from 1929-1940. After 1941 she taught 2nd grade in Kaufman and directed Summer Head Start from 1965 until 1977. Mrs. Edwards served as principal for four years from 1973-1977.



It is the mission of Helen Edwards to enlighten and
spark the wisdom and imagination of all children.

We strive to work cooperatively with the home to achieve excellence in education. Our school is dedicated to ensuring each student develops to his or her potential in order to be a productive, independent and self-reliant member of society. Our educational program will encourage loyalty to the United States and emphasize the teaching of the American heritage and the responsibility of good citizenship. Helen Edwards strives to provide children with the basic skills and a broad-based curriculum to ensure a positive spirit of cooperation with the home and community and to promote a positive school climate among teachers and students.