Principal's Message

GCHS Campus Graduates


Gary Campbell High School is a place for “Students to Succeed”.   Our school serves students who want to accelerate at their own pace, who are deficient in credits, who may need a flexible schedule due to jobs/family circumstances or who may better succeed in a smaller learning environment.   

We strive to create a nurturing environment where all students feel they are welcomed and supported while pursuing their educational and personal goals.   We are a family who loves and supports one another.  

Academic success is our primary focus as well as educating the “whole student”. Our students will acquire leadership skills, social skills and self-discipline while achieving academic goals and strengthening their journey towards becoming productive citizens and preparing them to compete in the complex world in which we live.

Our GCHS students’ success is a direct result of the effort and dedication they put into the tasks and challenges ahead.  Regular and punctual attendance, appropriate behavior and full cooperation are the core values that lead to student success at school and in life.  If you feel like GCHS would be instrumental in your educational journey, fill out the on-line application.

We look forward to helping your reach your goals.
Cindy Fowler
Principal, GCHS