Kaufman Independent School District 
Employee Wellness Program Membership Guide


Mission Statement
The Kaufman ISD Wellness Program strives to enhance the overall wellbeing of ALL
KISD personnel by promoting and implementing healthy lifestyle programs, thus
emphasizing excellence from within.

•    To increase levels of physical activity
•    To teach healthy eating strategies
•    To enhance emotional health
•    To provide education on healthy weight management strategies
•    To reduce the risk of disease, primarily cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer

Enrollment and Fees
ALL KISD employees will have the opportunity to participate in the employee wellness
program and KISD Fitness Center by enrolling at any time during the year. A monthly membership fee of $10.00 will be payroll deducted and will include the following:

•    Consultation with a certified personal trainer
•    Basic nutrition assessments and recommendations
•    Health tips and access to health and fitness information
•    Participation in exercise classes/groups
•    Various health challenges throughout the year
•    Incentives for fitness and health-related activities throughout the year
•    Health screenings will also be offered, but may incur an additional cost.
•    An employee’s spouse and/or friends can participate in the exercise classes 
•    24-hour access to the KISD Fitness Center (employees only)

The payroll deduction will begin the following pay cycle upon enrollment. In the event you wish to withdraw your membership, a Change Notice form must be submitted to the business office. It needs to be received in the business office by the first Friday of the month in order to not be deducted from the next paycheck.  Contact Hope Campbell for more information.

Program Calendar
Activities will be scheduled around the school calendar. 
Incentive Program
By participating in wellness activities, KISD employees can accumulate points towards
an incentive awarded at the end of the school year.  Points are assigned to all KISD wellness program activities based on the time commitment and degree of difficulty. Points may also be assigned to activities performed outside of the wellness program. To get credit for these activities, e-mail or send a memo to the Wellness Director indicating the type of event and the date it took place.
•    Minimum required points for incentive = 125 per school year
•    Only KISD employees are eligible for incentives.

•    All documentation must be submitted to Hope Campbell by Friday, May 13, 2022.

Wellness Program Director: Hope Campbell, Administration Bldg.
Fitness Coordinator & Personal Trainer: Olga Esparza, Nash Elementary



Please Visit the Lions 411- Wellness Center for more information