Activity Descriptions

Lifestyle Lecture – Various health and fitness lectures presented by health professionals
Healthy Eating Every Day – Healthy Eating Every Day (HEED) is a unique, self-paced plan that teaches how to improve eating habits in ways that fit a person’s lifestyle. Points are awarded upon completing 80% of the HEED sessions.
Active Living Every Day – Active Living Every Day (ALED) is a self-paced program that provides information, encouragement, and skill-building strategies that will help individuals build physical activity into their lives. Points are awarded upon completing 80% of the ALED sessions.
Monthly Activity Tracking – A monthly report that is submitted indicating the physical activity completed each month.  Duration of the activities must be included; examples: Gardening – 1 hour, or Walking – 4,500 steps (using a step counter) or 30 minutes.
Additional Activity on Tracking Sheet – Extra points will be awarded each month for being physically active 4 or more days per week as evidenced by the Monthly Activity Tracking report.
Health Risk Appraisal – A comprehensive report of one’s overall health including lifestyle habits, coronary risk profile, and fitness assessment.
Points for Prevention – Points will be awarded for various preventive exams and health screenings performed throughout the year including dental cleanings, eye exams, hearing tests, Pap Smears, Mammograms, PSA tests, colorectal cancer, bone density, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, body composition analysis, Maximal Treadmill Exercise Test, Ultra Fast Cat Scan, and other related screenings. The Wellness Program will not sponsor all screenings. Employees simply need to fill out a Points for Prevention form and submit to Rhonda Carter by the end of the school year.
Marathon/Triathlon – Training for and participating in a Marathon or Triathlon
Half Marathon – Training for and participating in a Half Marathon
Link Together – Specified days designated for coworkers to be physically active together. This can include taking group walk breaks, stretch breaks, strength training, or any other form of exercise as long as it’s done with at least one other KISD staff member. A minimum of 5 minutes is required to receive points.
Coronary Risk Profile – An assessment of one’s coronary risk factors including blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of diabetes, activity level, family history, body composition, smoker/nonsmoker status
Nutrition Challenge – Challenges based on various nutrition topics to help increase knowledge of nutrition and improve eating habits. Examples include the 5-A-Day fruits and vegetables challenge, 3-A-Day Dairy Challenge, etc.
Fitness Challenge – Challenges based on various activity/fitness topics to help increase knowledge and levels of physical activity
Challenge Captain – Extra points awarded for individuals taking on the added responsibility of being the captain of a challenge team
Personal Training Consultation – Exercise/physical activity advice provided by Wellness Director to assist in starting or furthering an exercise or physical activity program
Physical Fitness Assessment – Assessment of physical fitness levels including cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and body composition
Nutrition Assessment – Assessment of current eating habits and suggestions for improvements, if necessary, based on the latest Dietary Guidelines and the new
Special Class/League – Participation in sports leagues, seminars, conferences, or any other event promoting health and fitness that lasts longer than 1 day
Health Activity/Race – Participation in health/fitness-related activities or organized walking, running, biking, swimming or rollerblading races that last less than 1 day.
Exercise Groups – Regular participation in an exercise group of at l