Bus Route Information

2021-2022 Bus Route Information is available through the new Stopfinder app! 

An invitation email was sent to the primary guardian for each student registered to ride a bus.  If your student(s) were registered to ride the bus last school year, they are automatically registered for the new school, unless you moved.  Once the primary guardian receives the invitation email, they will be able to invite additional parent/guardian/caregivers to also have access to the app.  To view a Quick Start Guide for the Stopfinder app, click on the following link:

Stopfinder Quick Start Guide

If your students did not ride the bus last year and you need to register your student(s) to ride the bus, you must fill out the Bus Registration form by clicking on the following link:

Bus Registration Form 2021-2022

Bus Procedures in addition to those in the Student Handbook

Students will no longer be allowed to ride home with friends or go to an address that the student has not been registered for.   Should your student(s) need to register for a second address you will need to contact the Transportation Department at 972-932-6555.  Students will not be allowed to register for more than two addresses.  Please allow up to 3 days for changes or new addresses to go into effect.