Student Technology Support

Step 1: Connect with your teacher via your Kaufman ISD G-SUITE Educational Account.
  • Log-in with your school issued G-SUITE Account.
  • Connect with your teacher in a live setting via Google Meet 
  • Access the G-SUITE online learning document for helpful directions.
Step 2: Access Clever to view online resources in one place. 
  • Clever is a secure portal that allows students and teachers to log in once and see all of their online resources: district learning programs, online textbooks, digital citizenship courses, and free resources.
  • Access the Clever resources below for directions and a list of available resources.

Clever Student Login Portal


clever logo

Clever Login   Instructions

Clever online learning document logo

Summary of KISD Online Resources


logo of KISD Online Resources

Summary of Free Resources


free resources COVID-19 image
Step 3: Receive teacher, campus and district updates via Remind 101. 
  • Remind 101 is a service that provides a safe way for administrators and teachers to send you messages. Click on the Kaufman ISD Remind 101 icon below for more directions.
  • Receive updates from the district by texting kisdupdate to 81010.
  • Connect with your teacher by texting your teacher’s code to 81010.

Step 4: E-mail for additional assistance with your remote learning accounts.

If you are a high school student, please email for additional assistance with your remote learning accounts.


Department of Special Education and Dyslexia

Instructional Resources 


 We realize that we are in unchartered waters and we want to make sure our instruction is focused on student learning. We also realize the burden that has been placed on our parents and older siblings. Given that, we are asking our teachers to focus on innovative digital learning and we will not be taking grades on the assignments during this time. Instead, teachers will be connecting with their students on digital platforms to provide feedback. We do ask that parents work alongside us to encourage your student to interact and participate in digital lessons. This does not apply to dual credit courses that will be assigned grades through TVCC.