About Us

The Kaufman Technology Department serves: 
  • 7 campuses,
  • 3821 students
  • 513 faculty members
District-Wide Conditions at KISD
All campuses are connected to the center of the KISD network, located at Kaufman High School, via fiber optic cabling owned by the district. The district fiber optic network is in a star configuration with single-mode fiber optic cable connecting each campus, except the Junior High campus, which is connected via multi-mode fiber optic cable.  Each campus fiber optic connection runs at 1 gigabit speed.  The internal backbone on each campus runs at 1 gigabit speed.  All internal network connections are via Hewlett-Packard managed gigabit switches.
All campus servers are located at the Technology Center, which is connected to the center of the network at Kaufman High School via a10 gigabit single-mode fiber optic cable.  The servers at the Technology Center provide student content, document storage for students and staff, and district financial and student information records. The district is connected to the internet via a 40 megabit microwave tower to Education Service Center Region 10 in Dallas, which is the district’s internet service provider.
The district has an advanced wireless network covering all campuses, with up to 500 megabit connection to wireless computers and district-owned mobile devices, such as iPads and iPods.  A BYOD wireless network allows teachers to connect their personal wireless devices to the internet.  A guest wireless network is provided for guest speakers and other official guests needing to connect to the internet.
E-Mail is provided for all district staff, utilizing a district owned e-mail server (FirstClass), located at the Technology Center.  The FirstClass server also allows for collaboration services for the staff, via shared conferences and calendars.
Written policies are in place on acceptable use of the Internet, World Wide Web content, and network management.
All internet traffic is filtered for content, via a web content filter.  The web content filter and other internet related servers, are located at the center of the KISD network, where the network connects to the internet, via the wireless microwave tower. A distance learning room, with video, audio, and computer connections, is available for students, staff, and community members.  The distance learning room is located at Kaufman High School. The district has several mobile, wireless laptop computer labs available for checkout by teachers on the campuses where they are located. 
All servers are backed up daily. Backups are stored off-site for disaster recovery.
District Administrative Software

FirstClass: E-mail •LightSpeed: Internet Filter •Vexira: Virus Protection •Raptor: Visitor Management System •Skyward Student Information System •Skyward Financial Management System •School Dude: Maintenance Help Desk •PCS (Point of Sales): Food Service Program •Nutrikids: Food Service Management Tool •Transfinder: School Bus Routing Software •Surveillix Remote: Camera Surveillance Software •Active Directory (AD): Microsoft’s network management program for users, data and security •Fitness Gram: Fitness assessment and reporting program  •Success Ed: Special Education Management System •School Management Program: Eduphoria!SchoolObjects: -School Objects: PDAS - a management system, giving teachers and principals a single tool to create, submit and monitor PDAS. -School Objects: workshop - professional development management system. -School Objects: Aware – assessment program. -School Objects: forethought – lesson planner. -School Objects: helpdesk – technology help desk

District Instructional Software

Study Island: Supplemental instruction, practice, and assessment for students. •Discovery Education: Digital content, interactive lessons, real time assessment, and virtual experiences •Follett Destiny: On-line Library Manager •Follett Destiny Quest: Student-friendly searching interface for Destiny Library  •Follett Shelf: Digital Reader for eBooks •Interclass: Lab Management Software •Project Share/Epsilen: On-line Teacher ResourcesAssessment Tool •My Big Campus - Teacher Online Collaboration Program  •Texas Assessment: On-line State Testing Program