Foster Parent

When children can’t live safely at home and an appropriate non-custodial parent, relative, or close family friend is currently unable or unwilling to care for them, the court can give temporary legal possession to CPS and that agency temporarily places these children in foster care. Foster care settings include:
  • Kinship Caregiver homes;
  • Foster family homes;
  • Foster family group homes;
  • Residential group care facilities; and
  • Facilities overseen by another state agency.
Foster care is meant to be temporary until a permanent living arrangement is found and CPS no longer has legal custody of the child. However, for some children, it can become permanent. 

Enrollment Information for students in Foster Care
Under Texas Law, students in foster care are entitled to enrollment when arriving at a new school or district-regardless of whether they have the necessary documentation or paperwork. A student in foster care can attend the public school in the district in which the foster parents live, free of any charge to the foster parent or CPS. Foster Parents and/or CPS will be required to present documentation to confirm Foster Care status.

Foster Care Brochure