Child Find

Special Education Referral and Child Find
The Kaufman Independent School District has special services available for eligible infants, children and young adults identified with disabilities. Federal and state laws require that school districts maintain a CHILD FIND system for identifying, locating, and evaluating individuals with suspected disabilities (birth through age 21) within its jurisdiction who are in need of special education and related services.
Our CHILD FIND efforts include advertising the availability of services through media, public notices, staff training, and letters to private schools, physicians, nursing homes, group homes, and hospitals.
Birth to 36 months of age
Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) provides comprehensive early intervention services to families with infants and toddlers (birth through 36 months of age) who have a medical diagnosis, developmental delays or atypical development. Early intervention services are provided as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part C as amended in 2004. ECI supports families to help their children reach their potential through developmental services. ECI provides evaluations and assessments to determine eligibility and need for services
3 through 21 years of ageTest Preparation Tools
A referral for a suspected disability can be made by anyone. If you know of someone with a suspected delay or disability, please contact the Campus Counselor or call 972-932-2202. Once a referral is made, the campus follows the Student Support Team (SST) procedures. A full individual evaluation (FIE) is conducted to determine the child’s eligibility and educational need for services.
Private/Home School Students
Referrals are accepted primarily from parents, private school administrators, or physicians, for students who reside in Kaufman ISD or attend a private school located within Kaufman ISD boundaries. You may contact the Campus Counselor or call 972-932-2202. A Full Individual Evaluation will be completed and presented at an ARD meeting. If a student qualifies for services, the ARD committee will offer a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). The parent may decline FAPE and choose an Individual Services Plan for their child. Every year, the district, with input from parents and private school representative, will determine the type of services to be offered for students with identified disabilities.