Special Education Department

Sherry Kerr
Sherry Kerr
Director of Special Education
Kathy Covington Administration Office 
1000 S. Houston Street
Kaufman, TX 75142



The Special Education Department assists with the administration, coordination and implementation of a variety of school district programs and initiatives.

The spectrum of programs provides instructional services and support for Early-Childhood through twelfth grade. In order to effectively lead, support, and coordinate the variety of programs, Special Education staff work with district staff, administrators, directors, principals, teachers, parents and students as appropriate.

The staff members of the Special Education Department pledges to be positive and professional in working with district staff and the community. The Department of Special Education fully supports and participates in the district’s collaborative decision-making process, and is committed to the pursuit of educational excellence and the accomplishment of KISD school mission and district goals.

Updates in Special Education 2020

Beginning with the 2017 school year, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) changed the way it reports special education enrollment in school systems. TEA no longer includes a target for a school system’s total numbers of students in special education as part of state monitoring. For special education representation, TEA only reports on overrepresentation within certain race, ethnicity and disability categories, as required by federal law. School systems cannot use this reporting data to delay, deny or prevent a referral for an evaluation for special education services.

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