KISD Police Department

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Clifford Krieger
KISD Police Chief
3205 S. Houston St,
Kaufman, TX 75142
Our Goal
Safety is a high priority on Kaufman ISD campuses – and so is family involvement. The goal of our Visitor Policy is to balance the need to protect our students from contact with unsafe visitors and still allow family-friendly access to our schools.
Every school visitor, including parents, must check-in at the school office. Visitors will be asked to present their driver’s license or other government issued identification. Licenses will be scanned and checked against a database of registered sex offenders. If the scan is acceptable, the visitor will be issued a visitor’s badge.  In order to allow for an accurate account of visitors in the building, the license/ID card will remain in the office until the visitor leaves the building. It will be returned in exchange for the visitor’s badge. Parents or community members who are scanned in this manner are allowed to participate in on-campus events such as lunch, parties, plays, presentations, play days, etc.
Parents or community members must be registered as a volunteer in order to chaperone off-campus trips. Potential volunteers must complete a volunteer form and a criminal history form providing permission for the school police department to complete a criminal background check. Parents who do not complete this form in a timely manner will not be able to accompany their children on field trips. Please return this form to your child's campus office ten (10) days prior to the date of the off-campus event.  
Divorced Parents
If a student’s parents are divorced, both parents – not just the custodial parent – have the right to visit the school. A parent will be turned away only if a court order is on file that specifically denies contact with the child. 
Following these procedures will ensure your child’s safety while at school while allowing you to participate in school activities! Please visit our campuses, register as a volunteer, and become part of the Kaufman ISD effort to educate all children. We can’t do it without you!