John Hughes, Director of Facilities/Maintenance
KISD Service Center
5026 Lion's Den Trail
Kaufman, TX 75142

The goal of the Facilities/Maintenance Department is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable and functional environment for the education of the district’s students, staff and community members.
The Department oversees the planning, budgeting, energy use, maintenance and construction of facilities within the Kaufman Independent School District. Our department manages ongoing projects, capital improvements, utility usage and maintenance. Typical activities include meeting with the architects, consulting engineers, City officials, planning and zoning committees and construction contractors.
The staff is dedicated to keeping the physical structures and grounds of the district clean, functional and safe within financial and regulatory constraints. We exist to serve the students, faculty, staff and taxpayers of Kaufman Independent School District.
The Department assumes the responsibility for all maintenance-related jobs throughout the district: grounds-keeping, construction, painting, welding, air conditioning, plumbing upkeep, lighting, locks, fire alarms and all electrical repairs.
A high percentage of work is completed in-house, which is accomplished by focusing on the hiring of quality, multi-skilled personnel.
The Department embraces the following goals:
  • We will expedite all work requests in a timely, systematic manner.
  • We will immediately address emergency matters.
  • We will provide quality craftsmanship with cost effectiveness.
The Facilities/Maintenance Department uses an on-line work order system called School Dude to enhance timely responses and completion of work orders based on priorities.