Back to School 2020-21

At School
At Home Learning


NOTICE:  Due to the ever changing nature of COVID-19, Kaufman ISD will be constantly evaluating the situation.  Additionally, we will be reviewing the guidance and recommendations of local and state officials on a daily basis. 


We have all shared in the collective experiences of the last few months an incredible amount of frustration and uncertainty.  We know that much of that will continue for an unknowable amount of time.  We also know that everyone has been expected to adapt to the unexpected throughout this entire ordeal. 
As you know, this is a constantly changing situation.  Some of those changes happen locally, some of them happen at larger levels.  We all have different circumstances, and we are all trying to navigate this together.
Last Thursday, I spoke about the two options that Kaufman ISD will be offering for instructional delivery during the upcoming school year.  We will have a traditional At-School learning model as well as an online At-Home option. 
The At-School option will put measures in place to maximize student and staff health and safety.  The At-Home option will have additional pieces and expectations that were not implemented at the end of last year.  In short, both options will be different than what students have experienced previously as more measures will be put into place to make At-School safer and At-Home more academically rigorous.
We know that you and your family may have many questions regarding each option.  There is an FAQ page that should address many of those questions.  Campus principals will also be developing some answers that are specific to their campuses and age-appropriate for their population.    
We will continue to update you as we learn of new information.  We appreciate the amount of support and understanding that you have shown during this time. 
Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer. 

Back to School Options


For the upcoming school year, Kaufman ISD will be offering parents the choice between traditional At-School instruction and At-Home online instruction. 
The At-Home option is being provided for families who have health and safety concerns sending their children back to school. 
Explore the options via the links below.
Regardless of which learning option you choose for your child, the expectations for coursework and the grading system will be the same for both At-School and At-Home learning.  There will be attendance and grade requirements for At-Home learning – just as there is for At-School instruction. 
We are asking for you to decide by July 20th so that campuses may have the time that is necessary to prepare.  Due to scheduling and staffing complexities, students will be expected to remain in their chosen option through the first 9 week grading period. 
We will be adding to the FAQ page on an as needed basis to ensure that the majority of questions are answered and that everyone has the information they need moving forward.