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Gary W. Campbell High School is the alternative school for Kaufman School District. Our accelerated curriculum allows students to complete graduation requirements at their own pace and provides an opportunity for them to graduate within four years of starting high school. Using a combination of online and teacher based instruction, GCHS provides students with a comprehensive, standards-based curriculum designed to meet each individual student’s needs. A low teacher to student ratio and individualized instruction helps to insure student achievement. All students wishing to attend GCHS must submit an application through the counselor on their home campus.


School News

Posted 09/22/2016 03:40PM

On 9.12.2016, GCHS had our first graduate of the 2016-2017 school year! Congrats on a job well done!

Posted 09/22/2016 03:28PM

Gary W Campbell High School's September community service project was a food drive where students donated over 200 pounds of much needed food to the Kaufman Christian Help Center's food bank. We are so proud of our students and the good works they are doing for their community.  


Posted 09/23/2016 12:24PM


“It’s not science until you document it.”  This is what the Gifted and Talented students from Nash Intermediate heard as they began their field trip adventures at the University of North Texas Elm Fork Education Center recently.  They stepped back in time with the Skytheater presentation where they received an overview of the historical journey and methodology of how man measured and tracked time in a pre-digital world.  The presentation demonstrated the use of stars and constellations to predict time(s) of day, months, moon phases, seasons and how this was essential to survival.  With clipboards, science journals, nets, thermometers, brushes, tape measures, and other tools, these 5th and 6th grade students were immersed in four aquatic environments and a dig site.  

During the aquatic habitat exploration, students collected, observed, analyzed, and recorded data from a pond, stream, waterfall, and swamp.  Organisms were observed with hand lenses. wet-mount slides, and microscopes.  They were able to apply the data gathered to their pre-activity discussion of the food chain and see how the aquatic ecosystem(s) impact others.  

These junior paleontologists dug up history in a mock excavation site.  They learned how scientists use grids and mapping to tell the story of human history.   Bone, shell, rock, and other artifacts were uncovered and documented.  This experience, coupled with a discussion on the geologic time scale, helped students relate the significance of their findings to different time periods and locations.  

This was far more than a field trip.  It offered students a hands-on opportunity allowed them to see the past and consider the real-world implications of how we interact with the environment and visualize the footprint that they leave now will tell a story for years to come.  

Posted 09/23/2016 12:18PM


What’s on your plate this fall?  Thanks to students at Gary W. Campbell High School, many mouths can answer this question with a smile.   During the month of  September, students donated food as part of their community service project. Over 200 pounds of food items were collected in a time when many food banks across North Texas are experiencing shortages.  All donations were given to Kaufman Christian Help Center, which supplies food for many Kaufman ISD families and community members.  “We are so proud of our students and their desire to serve others,” said Gary Campbell High School Assistant Principal, Cindy Fowler.  

Posted 09/23/2016 12:10PM

You can get fried chicken and hot soup from a vending machine?  Yes, in Japan you can.  Students in Mr. Dennie, Mrs. Cummings, and Miss Hernandez’s classes recently Skyped (video call) with Mr. Huy Tran, a Japanese teacher in Yanagawa City, Japan. Although it was 10:15 pm in Japan, Mr. Tran greeted the students with a cheery "Kon'nichiwa!" (Japanese hello).

During their video conference call, Mr. Tran answered many student questions about Japanese culture, school routines, and housing.  With no surprise, these Kaufman ISD students were shocked to discover that in Japan, Kit Kat candy bars are available in about 20 varieties.  They enjoy flavors like cucumber, banana, apple, spicy chile, flan, wasabi, and seasonal flavors like pumpkin.  Mr. Tran shared that a typical Japanese elementary student walks to school daily (even as far as three miles away), serves school lunch to his/her peers, and helps clean the school as part of the curriculum.    

Mr. Dennie, Phillips Elementary 3rd grade math teacher, uses Skype as an opportunity for his students to “see the world beyond their own front doors.” In addition to viewing the live broadcasts of the local high school pep rallies with his students, he knows that connecting with a Japanese teacher and students will offer his students opportunities to instill country, community, and school pride.   Phillips Elementary Principal, Kara Holley, is on board with Dennie’s use of Skype and live broadcasts in the classroom.  She commented, “Technology in the classroom is opening doors for our students to discover the vast world we live in.  I’m excited for our students and grateful for the students and educators across the globe willing to connect with us.” These Phillips Elementary classes will Skype and pen pal with Mr. Tran's class throughout the school year.  Each letter written and Skype call placed will provide cultural and language exchange(s) for these students and connected educators.  


Posted 09/19/2016 08:41AM

Amy Keith is the 2016 - 2017 Kaufman High School Principal. She is transitioning into her new role after being the Nash Principal for the past three years.  She has a teaching background in secondary science and additional administrative experience at Helen Edwards Early Childhood Center.  When asked about her professional passions and goals as a campus leader, Keith said, “I’ve always enjoyed working with students in any capacity, being a teacher never felt like work to me. Students challenged and motivated me to find better ways to guide them through their curriculum. I still get excited when I’m in a classroom where great instruction is taking place, it’s good for my soul.  As a leader, I take my role very seriously. I understand my scope of influence and I know that my decisions affect students, parents, and teachers. One decision can have very different effects on each of those groups of individuals. My goal is to do what’s best for our student population. I certainly feel responsible for the success of each student that walks through the doors of KHS; they are my heart.”  Outside of school, Mrs. Keith enjoys reading and spending time with family. Family vacations are her favorite times because it allows them a chance to unplug from all of their activities and obligations and focus on each other.  This year she is looking forward to getting to know the students and teachers at KHS. She said, “We’ve got so many great programs, teams, and activities for our students. The staff at KHS genuinely care about students and are consistently seeking ways to increase student achievement academically and in their extracurricular activities.”

~A favorite quote:

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”   ~C. S. Lewis

Keith said, “It’s a pleasant reminder that we’re shaped for greatness during the difficult circumstances when we’re faced with hardships. Some of my favorite success stories are people that have overcome poverty and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.”

Posted 09/13/2016 03:31PM
School Health Advisory Council

The Kaufman ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is seeking new members.  If you are interested in serving on the SHAC, please click here for more details.

Posted 09/12/2016 09:02AM

Maegan McNeely is the 2016 - 2017 O. P. Norman Junior High Assistant Principal.  She is transitioning into her new role after being a 6th and 7th grade math teacher for the past 10 years, most recently at O. P. Norman Junior High.  McNeely believes that teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible.  She states, “There is nothing like getting to spend your days teaching and working with kids. You get to help shape kids into who they are meant to be. And, in doing so, you never know where your influence ends.”  As a leader, she will continue building relationships and work hard to ensure the best educational opportunities for KISD students.  Outside of school, Mrs. McNeely enjoys reading, spending time with her husband and son, playing Mario and Luigi, and going to church.  

Favorite quote:

If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.

Posted 09/09/2016 12:07PM

Gavin Eastep is the 2016 - 2017 Nash Intermediate Assistant Principal.  He is transitioning into his new role after being a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at O. P. Norman Junior High for the past seven years.  Eastep became an educator because he wanted to make a difference and be a positive role model/mentor to students.  He aims to instill the value of learning and education into children and help them realize that beyond school we are all life-long learners.  As a leader, Mr. Eastep strives to lead by example while he supports and strengthens those around him. He believes that true leaders not only build trusting relationships and exhibit leadership skills, but that they also know when to step back and allow others around them to grow and strengthen their own skills. Outside of school he enjoys spending time with his family and primitive camping.


Favorite saying:

The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little extra.


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